Intruder Alarm Systems

Having an intruder alarm installed will dramatically reduce your chances of being burgled!

We offer both wired and wirefree intruder alarm systems.
Our intruder alarm systems offer the most reliable forms of unauthorised presence detection, with devices ranging from contacts to monitor the opening of doors and windows, infra red and microwave movement detectors, and vibration sensors, and they are also able to incorporate potentially life saving devices such as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, panic attack buttons and more,
All of which can be linked to your mobile phone for instant notification* via a clever range of mobile phone apps.
When integrated with one of our CCTV camera systems they can offer complete peace of mind while your away from home or workplace.

Call now to book a free survey, we will not only recommend which alarm suits your needs and budget in the best way but also any other free ways we feel would make your property more secure and less burglar friendly!