We work with fire and rescue services to secure multi sites remotely, ensuring peace of mind and instilling confidence in our rescue teams, ensuring they can concentrate on the job at hand.


With advanced technology at our disposal, we are able to quickly and efficiently secure sites from remote areas of the UK, ensuring that fire rescue station personnel can feel confident leaving their stations safe in the knowledge that advanced monitoring is keeping their vital rescue equipment secure. 


Our unique relationship to the emergency services means we can provide first-response stations with the security and monitoring equipment required to carry out their work with minimal disruption. Often, remote fire or police stations are not constantly manned, so emergency response teams need to know that they can access equipment quickly and easily. We are qualified to install flexible, dynamic remote monitoring and access control systems using top of the range equipment and technology.

Our Guarantee

On call same day

Our guarantee is to reach you as soon as you need us. Our year-round 24/7 service gives you peace of mind during both business and non-working hours.


Our products come with comprehensive, industry standard warranties, providing full peace of mind from the completion of installation.

technical support

We provide advanced technology and remote diagnostic services, meaning many issues can be fixed using this facility without having to book a site visit.

Client Retention

We are proud of the relationships we form with our customers and many have been regular clients for many years.

Our services


Providing fully integrated, state-of-the-art access control systems for a wide range of building types.


We can help keep your premises safe and secure using trusted monitoring and intruder alarm systems.


A vital part of mitigating risk in your premises, we install, monitor and upgrade a wide range of fire alarm and detection systems.


Using the latest in CCTV technology, our camera installation and maintenance services provide bespoke solutions to a wide range of clients.

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