CCTV systems are constantly evolving and adapting to consumer needs and behaviours. With new products always coming on the market and improving on previous incarnations, we can be trusted to ensure you’re never left behind when it comes to installing and maintaining a thorough and effective CCTV system.

CCTV Installation services

As part of our CCTV installation and maintenance service, we can advise on the best package for your needs, from small domestic isolated setups to integrated, site-wide, multi-camera systems. 

Camera quality and monitoring technology has improved hugely over the past few years, and we ensure we stay ahead of the curve to ensure we’re providing the very best service for our clients and customers. The evolution of CCTV systems now means that technology such as facial recognition, automatic people counting and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is backed up by comprehensive video analytics, ensuring you can delve deep into how people use your buildings and its premises. 

The benefits of installing a CCTV system isn’t just for security and safety – it can also monitor the flow of people through a building and provide temperature control, especially useful for post-COVID and social distancing requirements.

available technology

High quality cameras

Camera technology moves fast. We keep up with advancing and ever-changing technology.

Remote monitoring

Fully remote, on-demand monitoring offers peace of mind if you're away from your property.

ANPR monitoring

Automatic Number Plate Recognition provides a monitoring service that can be directly linked to the police force if required.

Video Analytics

Track and analyse your data and keep tabs on the information important to you.

People counting

Advanced technology means that modern CCTV setups can easily detect people movement through any given space

temperature control

Ensure your establishment is COVID-secure with temperature monitoring technology.

Our Guarantee

On call same day

Our guarantee is to reach you as soon as you need us. Our year-round 24/7 service gives you peace of mind during both business and non-working hours.


Our products come with comprehensive, industry standard warranties, providing full peace of mind from the completion of installation.

technical support

We provide advanced technology and remote diagnostic services, meaning many issues can be fixed using this facility without having to book a site visit.

Client Retention

We are proud of the relationships we form with our customers and many have been regular clients for many years.

Product Leasing

Through establishing trusted relationships with leading providers in the industry, we are approved to offer lending and lines of credit for many of our customers.

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